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Anthony McNamer, a music lawyer by day, loved Josh Hodges' demo so much, he decided to start a record label just to put out Josh’s album.  He wanted to make sure the world knew the genius of Josh Hodges (Sexton Blake/Starfucker).  The label's second album, To: Elliott From: Portland, was another labor of love. This time, a tribute to Anthony's favorite artist from both Anthony and Elliott's hometown.  It was a fitting tribute, which earned critical acclaim and helped Expunged Records become Willamette Week's 2006 Label of the Year.  Plays the Hits! (lauded as possibly the greatest covers album of all time) followed-up Sexton Blake’s debut, and introduced even more people to Sexton Blake.  Next came Daytime Volume's critically acclaimed debut.  And then we threw in a couple comedy albums just to mix things up.

In 2008 Expunged Records released Blind Pilot’s debut album.   The album garnered almost universal praise, with many people, including NPR, calling it one of the Best Albums of 2008, catapulting Blind Pilot to indie stardom. (

In 2010 Expunged Records released another gorgeous debut album, this time from Sara Jackson-Holman.   Critics hailed the album as a breakthrough, and songs from the album were featured on television shows, including the season finale of  Castle.  (
In 2011 we released  the debut self-titled album from Priory: another critically acclaimed debut.   (   And on September 13, 2011 we released the follow-up to Blind Pilot’s debut, We Are The Tide.


In 2012 look for Blind Pilot and Priory touring extensively in support of their albums.   We will also be releasing Sara Jackson Holman’s highly anticipated sophomore effort, an album that will be a significant artist leap, and is likely to make Sara a household name. And, as always, expect Expunged Records to continue to discover amazing indie artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
For more information about Expunged Records or any of its artists, please email

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